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About Swanson Training Group
Swanson Training Group (STG) is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded by Trampas Swanson along with his wife, Candace Swanson.  STG is made up of experienced NRA certified instructors who provide a wide range of training for the civilian market. 

Trampas is a former Deputy Sheriff, SWAT member, LEO Sniper and current NRA instructor. Candace, a Project Manager for a large construction firm serves as State Leader representing Florida for The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters not-for-profit organization is also a NRA instructor. 

We currently offer CCW classes, NRA Basic Pistol and One on One private training for handgun, rifle and shotgun but expect to see a wider range of options available as the company and opportunities expand going forward as we partner with other training firms for joint training opportunities. 

****Classes will be posted as they become available. One-on-one training is by appointment ONLY.****

Swanson Media Group challenges YOU to become a LION in a world of sheep. Students become aware of their surrounds and vastly decrease their chances of becoming victims by growing confidence in skills and abilities both mentally and physically through traditional firearms training as well as new and exciting technology on the market today. 

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