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Swanson Armory, LLC was established in March 2011.  The company started after owner, Trampas decided to take an early retirement from law enforcement following getting married to his wife Candace and wanting to start a family.  Trampas worked for a local Sheriff's Office in eastern North Carolina for 11 years, having the honor to serve his community as a Deputy Sheriff assigned to patrol as a supervisor as well as SWAT team sniper. Now relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, Candace and Trampas are the proud parents of two daughters, Betsy Grace and Emma Rose. 

 Swanson Armory, LLC started out in business by offering DuraCoat finishes as well as other firearms enhancements but over the years, like many things, it started to evolve and grow larger in the firearms industry. To capitalize on our strengths and resources, Swanson Armory has now moved away from working in the shop with such things as DuraCoating  and proudly become the Limited Liability Corporation umbrella for two new branches of the company, the Swanson Media Group and the Swanson Training Group. 

The Swanson Media Group has gathered up and coming outdoor and tactical writers to provide top notch gun, gear and outdoor equipment reviews for numerous print and online publications both in the US and UK.

The Swanson Training Group features an evolving cast of resident and guest NRA Certified instructors to provide multiple firearms related classes and private one-on-one instruction in a fun and safe family friendly environment. 

Swanson Armory, LLC continues to grow as our flag ship company through several business ventures as the Swanson Media Group and Swanson Training Group expand. Swanson Armory, LLC are proud supporters and members of TWAW Shooting Chapters, TBOC and NRA

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Swanson Armory are proud NRA Members
Trampas and his wife Candace are proud life members of the NRA
God Bless our troops and my brothers
and sisters of law enforcement.
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